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FondlyGames is an experienced team of game creators. Our Unity game development company creates fun, interactive projects with sophisticated art and realistic characters. With us as a Unity game development partner, you will get a game tailored to your preferences with a personal touch to make it rock.
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What are Unity Game Development Services?

Unity game development is the technical aspect of creating any kind of game. Once you're done with art and know your project's genre and what platforms you want it to run at, you get to the development stage.

It's quite a simple process. How so? Working on Unity doesn't require advanced skills or deep knowledge of its mechanics. It's one of the leading and most popular game engines, so you'll quickly learn how to use it. You will feel the difference right away! However, it's worth hiring a professional development team if you want to create a truly special project.
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Unity Game Development Services We Provide

Mobile game development

Our Unity game development company is experienced in creating iOS and Android games. We combine the latest market trends with stunning designs and convenient UI/UX concepts to build intuitive, eye-catching projects.

Web game development

Our team has worked a lot with web games and knows how vital optimization and hosting servers are for making a successful title. We can help you build interactive, immersive, and smoothly working games.

AR game and app development

Augmented reality is becoming popular in many industries. Our Unity 3D game development services include implementing AR elements into your game to go far beyond anyone's imagination and wildest ideas. This will make your game more engaging and complex.

AI game development

We use the latest AI technologies and approaches to boost your playing experience. Our machine learning specialists collect all the necessary data to help create realistic characters and fantastic game worlds.

Stages of Our
Unity Game Development Process


Project discussion

You tell us what you want to see in your game. We agree on the platforms, genre, and tasks we need to complete. We consider all your requirements and can provide some advice on making your ideas work even better in reality.

Setting milestones and deadlines

Once we've heard your requirements and expectations, we agree on deadlines and project milestones to easily keep track of the work progress. Plus, you can pick the most convenient communication channel where we'll inform you of all the updates on your game.

Game development

We get to work on your game once we have all the assets and art for the game. The team you picked via Unity gaming company starts working as soon as you're ready. You can track how long the development will take depending on the project complexity and agreed milestones.

Pre-release testing

We need to make sure the game is 100% ready for launch. That's why we run several tests to check how responsive and fast the game is, whether it works and looks well on every chosen platform and whether there are any graphic, control, or audio issues. Upon successful results, we get your game ready for the big release.

Game launch

Once we're sure all the testing is done and there are no bugs, we help you launch the game on all the desired platforms. We analyze the game's performance on various devices and see if everything runs smoothly.

Post-launch support

We want your players to enjoy the game for as long as possible and help it remain engaging and interactive. That's why we offer after-release support services. We detect bugs and fix them, work on new updates, and can even create new worlds, characters, and objects to help scale your game.

Benefits of Unity Game Development with Us

7+ years on the market

FondlyGames is an experienced Unity game development company with years of working in the niche. We have gathered professional teams that can complete any project of any level of complexity.

High level of expertise

We cooperate only with the most experienced Unity game developers to ensure top-notch results for every client. Our teams have worked with various platforms, genres, and design patterns, so delivering your dream project won't be a problem.

Adjustable teams

You can easily change the team and tasks at any time. Whether you change your mind and want to implement something different, just let us know, and we'll promptly adapt to your new requirements.

Timely, high-quality results

Needless to say that quality is key in everything we do. Our Unity game development services include multiple tests and quality checks before releasing the game to ensure it runs smoothly and flawlessly.

Why Choose Us?

Our team at FondlyGames has been operating on the market for over seven years. We're aware of all the hottest trends and know how to add a personal touch to every project we work on. We'll help you create catchy, interactive projects your players will enjoy immediately. We're flexible on the term yet always responsible and attentive to detail. Any platform or genre — you name it, and we'll do it!

Highly competent professionals

Our Unity development company offers a constantly growing pool of experts involved in game development for years. The teams you can outsource with us primarily consist of middle and senior professionals who can ensure timely completion and high-quality results.

Market-driven teams

As experienced professionals, our developers are business-savvy and understand the needs of every client. Our whole team thoroughly discovers all the emerging market trends and offers concepts that can rock the gaming stage.

Individual approach to projects

One of our fundamental values is full attention to our client's needs. We carefully listen to your suggestions and can help you develop an excellent project if you lack ideas. Our teams take your requirements and combine them with the hottest trends and creativity. This combination helps produce unique games with exciting concepts and outstanding art.

100% transparency

We cherish open communication and fair pricing. That's why you won't find any hidden fees or extra charges while working with us. We are always transparent and responsive, and even if any issue or delay arises, we immediately inform you about that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Unity so popular?

There are plenty of reasons why Unity is a popular game engine. It's a cross-platform one that allows you to create games for multiple platforms and your players to enjoy games on various devices simultaneously. Plus, with Unity, you can create 2D and 3D games, including AR/VR projects. Finally, it's cost-effective, enables excellent graphics, and is suitable even for beginners since it doesn't require much coding.

What is unity game development?

Unity game development is the process of creating games using this engine. This is a pretty smooth process as you don't need to start working on your game from scratch. Unity provides plenty of services you don't need to worry about, including 3D rendering, collision detection, and physics.

What are the stages of unity game development?

The process is quite simple. First, you prepare the game assets. You can use the Asset Store or create your own. Then, write code in C# or other languages to develop a game logic and control scenes and objects. Once you're done, you can test it all in Unity and export your project to the desired platform. Run a platform test and deploy it if everything is working fine.

Will my game be supported after launch?

Yes. with us, you can be sure your game will run smoothly after you launch it. We provide after-release support and help fix bugs or deploy necessary updates to keep players engaged and make them want to play your games even more. Plus, we can help scale your project and add more levels or characters.

How long does it take to develop a game?

It depends on various factors like project complexity, how many levels or worlds you want to have in your game, whether it's a 2D or 3D project, how big your team is, and many others. If you want to know the approximate timing estimates, you can hire a Unity development outsourcing company that'll calculate the budget and set deadlines for each development stage.

Create my Unity game

    Do you want to create your own game on Unity? Feel free to contact us!

    Our team at FondlyGames helps you create stunning games with high-quality graphics and custom concepts. With us, you can launch unique and engaging projects with no extra effort and at agreed deadlines. Trust your games to us and enjoy great results right away!


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