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Are you searching for a skilled team that can help create stunning NFTs for your business? Then, you've landed on the right page! FondlyGames is a professional NFT development company with seven years of experience on the market. We offer a personalized approach for every client and will nurture your extraordinary NFT ideas. Let’s make them come true together! Uniqueness and rarity are crucial for the NFT industry. So we're here for you if you need a reliable partner in this NFT-creation journey.
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What is NFT Development?

NFT development is a process of creating digital assets or tokens that provide provenance for specific items: videos, images, music, collectible cards, and even in-game elements. To gain success in the market and become profitable, NFT must be memorable, unique, and aligned with the latest market trends.

To make sure your tokens meet all these requirements and have good potential, you could use NFT development services. Our team at FondlyGames will listen to all your ideas and requirements to come up with the best-selling digital assets. We will not just help you increase your tokens' liquidity but also drive more attention to your brand and what you're doing.

So why wait any longer? Contact us to create your first batch of the top-selling NFTs!
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Development Services

We are aware of possible pitfalls and offer effective NFT development solutions.

NFT development

Our NFT development agency will help you create trendy, stylish tokens that will help you get plenty of attention from your potential buyers.

Custom NFT creation

We won't just create a single token for you. We'll work with any amount and level of complexity and can add as many extra features as you need. Plus, we can handle any design preferences — there are practically no limits!

Multi-platform NFT development

If you still haven't decided on which network or platform to release your token or want to enter as many of them as possible, we got this! We'll create universal NFTs that would fit any platform of your choice and far beyond.

NFT concept creation

If you have the skills and tools for NFT development but lack ideas or knowledge of market trends, we'll help you out. Our NFT website development company will provide several top concepts that meet your requirements and wishes so you can successfully lunch your first batch.

Stages of Our
NFT Development Services

FondlyGames offers full-stack non fungible token development services. This means we can handle everything from the very beginning of the creation process. We'll select the most experienced teammates who have worked with your desired style and theme. With us, you can be sure you'll always receive up-to-date reports and a responsible, professional approach.

Setting goals

Firstly, we will discuss the future project's aspects with you. We listen to your preferences and requirements, set objectives, discuss the timeline, and agree on the optimal budget. Since we offer an individual approach to every client, we'll provide the most favorable terms for you.

Market analysis

We conduct complete market research to define and implement the most exciting and promising trends into your project. We don't create any copycats, so you'll get a bunch of fresh ideas from us that meet both your and customers' needs.

Concept development

Once we know what's popping up on the market, we work on several concepts for your NFTs. We work with different digital assets styles and forms, so you can be sure you'll get exactly what you need.

Token testing

Before the release, we run a few tests to see how well your NFT collection performs. Then, we compare concepts and see what design works better. After this, you can pick the top option and prepare it for the launch.


We support your NFT launch and help release it on all your desired platforms. It's ready to go! Our team stays by your side later on. So, no need to worry about any possible mishaps.

Why Choose Us?

FondlyGames has seven years of experience on the market and knows how to create custom tokens and drive extra attention to your company. We'll offer unique concepts and styles that meet your requirements and satisfy the market demand. Whether it's a single image or a whole NFT collection, we can work with it!

Experienced teams

We offer development teams and project managers with years of experience in NFT development services to ensure you'll get the highest level of quality. We work primarily with middle- and senior-level experts who have already worked with numerous concepts, styles, and NFT formats.

Market-savvy experts

Our teammates know how important it is to know your business goals. We can help you create tokens that perfectly reflect your company's philosophy and vision. Plus, we'll ensure your NFT collection will help you achieve your business needs as soon as possible.

Personalized approach

We always listen to your suggestions and ideas before offering our concepts. Even if you don't know what you want, we'll help you pick a classy or extraordinary style and format for your future NFT piece or collection. We're not scared to combine styles and experiment.

Full transparency

We value open communication and always try to provide it to you. We'll always provide you with timely updates and calculate realistic deadlines and budgets. With us, you don't need to worry about hidden fees or extra charges as we simply don't impose them. Such transparency is one of our key strengths and what turns our clients into loyal ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Non-fungible token?

An NFT or a non-fungible token is a digital asset created in a blockchain system which is Ethereum in most cases. NFTs contain specific codes and metadata that are impossible to alter, erase, change, or replace with anything else. This helps distinguish tokens from each other.

NFTs can be of different formats — images, videos, music pieces, collectible cards, rarities, and even digital objects like alcoholic drinks or weapons. You can't replace tokens with other assets just like their metadata — that's why they're called non-fungible. Making copies will give you zero value, and that's what ensures NFTs' uniqueness and high liquidity.

How much time does NFT development take?

It depends on various aspects: project complexity, design, quantity, rarity, and so on. If you want to work really hard on your tokens, it can take up to several days to create one. However, you might as well make an NFT in 15 minutes. It's easy to develop and upload them into dedicated platforms like OpenSea or Binance.

How much does it cost to create NFT?

If you know the mechanics and can create it on your own using your software, this can be 100% free of charge. However, if you apply for NFT development services, the price would depend on what type of tokens you want to create, whether it's an urgent task, how many experts you might need, their hourly rate, etc. The final price range usually varies from $150 to $500, but it can also change upon many factors. If you want to know an exact project cost, feel free to contact our team and book a call.

Plus, the marketplace you've picked to create an NFT also impacts the price. Ethereum, one of the most popular, is also the most expensive. There, you might pay up to $150 for creating a token. Some other platforms offer these services almost for free, starting at $0.1 per token, and the price can go as high as $50 per piece.

How do I price my NFT?

Every creation you work on, especially in the world of NFTs, has a price that depends on your skills, your tokens’ scarcity, design complexity, and the market demand. Of course, the rarer and more complex your NFT is, the higher price you can charge for it. Simplistic and generic items don’t sell well, so it’s worth putting more effort into making a high-quality token immediately.

Plus, you should also consider the platform you’re going to promote your token on, what creators mostly share there, and what’s in demand there. This will help you understand the market situation better and pick the right marketplace for your tokens.

It’s useful to take a look at how others evaluate their creations. Don’t set too high prices right away. Start from a modest price range, increasing it as the demand and interest in your NFTs grow.

Is it risky to create and sell NFTs?

Yes. Although NFTs are quite risky, it’s still worth trying to enter the nice. The higher the risk, the higher your reward will be. It’s crucial to know how the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems work, understand the trading processes, and be good at timing.

It’s also important to be patient and feel the market trends and fluctuations to predict the lower prices for NFTs. Buying them at a cheaper cost and selling them for a higher one is the most important task for success in the niche.

If you’re sure you have enough knowledge, luck, and understanding of what NFTs are about, it’s worth trying it. You also need to remember the nuances you would face. For example, you won’t be fully protected from scammers during the trading process, and you should remember you don’t own an asset while you’re just investing in a token.

What are the most popular ways of earning with NFTs?

You can make extra profits not just by selling or trading tokens — there are plenty of ways to earn more with the NFTs. For example, you can try investing in dedicated startups that you consider promising. The return on investment is always higher for risky projects, so you have every chance of making more by supporting the right project.

Plus, you can sell your tokens on multiple platforms to see where you can earn more. Such marketplaces include OpenSea, SuperRare, and Mintable. With these two options, try passive royalties you get by sharing ownership rights with someone, the NFT gamine that’s becoming extremely popular among the top market players, or renting them out to companies or individuals.

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