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Fondly Games is a pioneering NFT design company that helps creators develop a decentralized ecosystem and players enjoy their gaming experience. Our team of professionals delivers stunning NFT design services for businesses of all sizes around the globe. We strive to create alluring NFT products, enticing people eager to pay for your creation. If you're looking for a team that never compromises the quality of products, Fondly Game is the right choice.

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What is NFT Design?

Many find NFT as a gold rush in the tech industry. Since the NFT market is relatively young, it holds lots of potential for modern ideas to evolve. By creating an impeccable NFT design, you have a chance to gain popularity and monetize your efforts.

With our NFT design services, you obtain an image created with the latest, industry-proven tools. We make a design to be traded and become a desirable part of the digital art collection.
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Our NFT Development Design Services We Provide


We create features and superpowers for your characters to use across different platforms. Our designers elaborate the appearance and details of apparel to align them with a game genre and impress players.

Animals and creatures

Whatever your brief is, we'll do our best to make animals and creatures as you see them. In addition to that, our team will use the tools allowing us to get a real-like effect.

Objects and assets

Objects and assets are equally important as other elements of the game. What is more, they are the most traded ones. The designers at Fondly Games pay much attention to details so gamers won't take their eyes off.


Our specialists elaborate on every detail, shape, color, and texture of the landscape to envelop players with a certain atmosphere. We build a world that can become digital artwork. And of course, we'll help you to trade it. ​​

Customized design

Fondly Games is open to your crazy ideas. We make a design of different complexity. Feel free to share your vision of the NFT, and we'll turn it into reality.

Stages of Our
NFT design services

Our NFT design company has a transparent process for creating every project. So have a look at them!

Assessment & Brainstorming

We evaluate all inputs and collect the best approaches to realize them. Our goal is to create a breathtaking NFT design!

Building a roadmap

Our team sets a clear plan for delivering the best end design. We take into account pitfalls and challenges as much as possible and also set milestones to evaluate our performance.

Making a design

Designing is the main stage of the entire project. It's a time when our designers do their magic just to hear a cherished "Wow!" from you.

Evaluating the quality

Our specialists test each and every element of NFT design to integrate and roll it out smoothly.

Project release

We unveil a stunning NFT design creation to the world! Our team uses its personalized approach to the design deployment to ensure it meets the previously set requirement and can hit the marketing goals.

Benefits of Our NFT Design Services

You get a competitive NFT product

We aim at delivering a product capable of outcompeting and gathering a large audience of admirers. In other words, it's a great chance for you to make a profit.

We apply innovative technologies

Our specialists test the last-gen tech stack before using them. Of course, we have proven tools, but we also monitor trends to take the design to the next level.

You work with a highly-qualified and experienced team

We're committed to professionalism and expertise. These drive us to improve our skills and enrich our knowledge.

We create design driven by practical solutions

Effectiveness is one of the fundamental principles which rule operations in Fondly Games. Therefore, we optimize processes to get the best result and save your budget and time.

Why Choose Us?

Transparency at every stage of the project

We build the processes inside our company to make them crystal clear for our clients. Our specialists ensure transparency at each design stage to meet your expectations and achieve satisfying results.

Top quality is our key priority

We know that quality of design matters, especially when it comes to NFTs. Our team keeps up with the industry trend to effectively integrate these elements into your project. We also keep an eye on details and technical moments to guarantee the digital artwork is impeccable.

Devoted team of professionals

The FondlyGames team is tech and design geeks oriented on the top-notch result. We'll implement our knowledge and skill in your project to make it unique and eye-catching. We pass all the way together from the intro meeting till the project release. You always have our helping hand.

A team pleasant to work with

We are open, flexible, and easy-going. Everyone in our team believes that challenges exist only to improve the project. We're looking for a solution, not an excuse, to complete every NFT design in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT design?

NFT design is about an enthralling visual creation that makes your non-fungible token stand out from other pieces in the decentralized market. By choosing Fondly Games, you get a trendy visual presentation of your brand on Web 3. Our specialists hold a great bunch of ideas for NFT design.

How long does it take to develop an NFT Design?

There is no one size fits all solutions for the NFT design our clients request. As we select a unique approach for each project, the deadline may vary depending on multiple factors. This includes the project's complexity, specialists involved, the number of revision stages, and other minor factors.

Overall, we do our best to provide excellent quality for your project in the shortest time possible. However, to tell you the exact term of the project, we need to assess inputs and discuss details.

How can I earn with NFTs?

Creating and selling NFTs is one of the most common and proven ways to earn money with NFTs. Creators can express themselves by elaborating on their own designs. However, people and companies who strive to be trendy should find a reliable NFT design studio to do everything for them. We at Fondly Games create NFTs with different levels of complexity.

Moreover, once investing in the NFT design, you can keep monetizing it in the future by earning royalties. After selling your piece of art in the secondary market, you can get your share.

How much does it cost to create NFT art?

For creators, NFT serves as a means of self-expression; thus, it costs them only time and effort to produce NFT art. However, if you have no idea how to design NFTs, it's better to find a team ready to do it for you. In general, the price varies depending on the number of specialists involved in the project, their hourly rate, the design's complexity, the project's urgency, and some other factors. If you want us to calculate the project cost, feel free to message us. We'll get back to you in the shortest time to negotiate all details.

How to create an NFT design?

If you want to create a digital art token, you need skills and expertise in this field. Actually, the process begins with selecting an NFT marketplace and setting up a digital wallet. After that, it's time to move to the design of the NFT. Deciding whether you want a series or a single piece is also important. Once it's ready, you can start promoting the NFT on social media and other platforms to find a proper investor for your creation.

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