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Do you want to jump into the NFT industry? We apply practical tools and cutting-edge technologies for NFT marketplace development. Our developers build platforms where you can tokenize software licenses, gaming cards, digital collectibles, and other assets.
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What is NFT Marketplace?

Fondly is an NFT marketplace development company that builds NFT marketplaces for users. We help purchase and trade tokenized game assets and collectibles hassle-free.
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Our NFT marketplace
Development Services

We are aware of possible pitfalls and offer effective NFT marketplace development solutions.


Each of our NFT marketplace developer and designer contributes to the uniqueness of your product.


In Fondly, we have a token creation feature to help your users mint tokens.

Support and Maintenance

We keep maintaining your platform even after its release.

Smart Contracts Audit

Our team can monitor and audit your NFT marketplace to ensure there are no defects and bugs.

Standardized Tokens

We offer ERC 721, ERC998, ERC1155 token development.

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Benefits of Our NFT
Art Marketplace

Have a look at the benefits that make us stand out in the NFT marketplace development industry.

Cross-platform access

We provide access to the NFT marketplace across multiple platforms and devices (iOS, Linux, Windows, Android).

Ensured liquidity

Your users can buy and sell tokens easily, not for cash but swaps.

Decentralized marketplace

We use blockchain technology to grant anonymity in the marketplace.

Integration of the latest trends

You can be sure that your NFT marketplace is compliant with the industry demands.

Protected data

Data is stored on different servers, which are well protected from malicious activity.


We offer our clients cooperation with no hidden rules and commissions.

Why Choose Us?

Our game dev studio doesn't just develop games. We design plots behind them through fruitful game art solutions. Unique ideas, sappy animations, vivid characters define our projects and strengthen clients' dreams!

Cross-platform blockchain expertise

We hold non-fungible token marketplace development across different platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Tezos, etc.

The agile method in core

Our workflow is based on the Agile development approach.


We sign an NDA to guarantee that all your information is protected.

Professional team

Our specialists hold in-depth knowledge in NFT marketplace art development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an NFT marketplace?

You have to code software, design interfaces, and use a proven token generator. When everything is ready, test the platform before deploying.

What are the features of our NFT marketplace?

A perfect NFT marketplace should have an integrated wallet and storefront that works like a dashboard with products and detailed descriptions. You can also add filters so that users can easily find the products.

What engagement model do you use?

We deliver NFT marketplace development services based on a full-time or project-based collaboration model.

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