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Fondly Games is a game development company offering an innovative gaming experience based on immersive Metaverse technology. We create games that keep up with the latest industry trends and provide the players with Metaverse games blurring the lines between fiction and reality.
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What Is a Metaverse Game?

Do you want to keep up with the times or even get ahead? Our Metaverse game development services will help you drive into the future. We create a whole new immersive environment for gamers around the globe. Metaverse is a leading-edge technology that provides a rich virtual space reflecting peoples’ real-life activities. The innovation is only gaining momentum, and gaming is the industry offering some of the most favorable conditions for such experiments. And we can turn them into reality.
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Stages of Our Metaverse
Game Development Process

Our Metaverse development company can provide you with full-fledged services. We will create, polish, and support the project throughout its entire lifecycle. Our team will be there for you from the first sketches until the release day and beyond, delivering the required maintenance and updates.


Initially, we evaluate your requirements and define the project’s critical goals according to your expectations. Our team can conduct preliminary research and come up with approximate estimations regarding your Metaverse development timeline, budget, game concept, and tech specifics.


Next, our experts perform more detailed investigations to define the project’s scope, key milestones, and deadlines. Metaverse game development is a complex process consisting of multiple steps and requiring consistent documentation. Thus, we strive for flexibility and tailor our solutions to your individual needs.

Game Design and Concept Creation

Our game designers and artists create the first sketches and define your Metaverse game’s style and concept. The visualization process is full of brainstorming and creativity. We prioritize your initial ideas and design unique characters, objects, and landscapes for your game.

Metaverse Game Development

Our Metaverse game devs are true gurus of writing codes. We use the latest tools and robust technologies to build flawless gameplay with stunning visual effects. We are experts in numerous top-rated programming languages, frameworks, and game engines, including Unreal Engine and Unity.

Quality Assurance

Testing is vital since it guarantees no critical issues will affect your Metaverse game’s performance. Therefore, we involve QA specialists at the earliest Metaverse development stages and validate each deliverable to ensure the game is bug-free at all levels.

Game Release

When it comes to the release date, our team makes the game available for the players and ensures it complies with the platform’s regulations and standards. Our core goal is to provide the end-users’ seamless gaming experience and conduct constant post-release tech support.

Promotion and Maintenance

Our marketing experts make every effort to make your Metaverse game reach its audience and expand it. We carefully analyze multiple marketing channels, examine current results, and define strategies for further improvements.

Why Choose Us?

Fondly Games is an experienced and trustworthy tech partner. We enjoy our business and find unique approaches to the projects we work with, putting clients’ needs first. Thus, we always consider their vision when designing Metaverse games.

Deep Proficiency

Our Metaverse development company has dealt with multiple complex projects. And we gained impressive expertise in this field. Our team consists of top-grade specialists in game design, development, 2D and 3D animation, testing, and marketing.

Client-centered Approach

When designing Metaverse games, we at Fondly Games prioritize our clients’ visions and ensure end-to-end communication. Openness and transparency of the development process are the values we always adhere to.

High-quality Deliverables

Our team always considers every detail regarding the Metaverse development process. We aim to deliver practical realization and find result-driven solutions. Check out our portfolio, and you will find dozens of examples illustrating our dedication and individual approach.

Robust Technologies

The technologies our design and development specialists use when creating Metaverse games are future-proof and stable. We follow the latest trends and have an excellent understanding of the Metaverse market, which allows us to drive the games we build to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create a Metaverse Game?

Metaverse game development is a complex process consisting of multiple essential steps. Usually, our team conducts preliminary research, creates the game concept, and comes up with relevant solutions. Then, we design the gameplay following the storytelling, build and test stable software, and deliver stunning visual effects.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Metaverse Game?

The cost of creating a Metaverse game may vary due to multiple factors, for instance, the project’s complexity, platform choice, visual effects, and more. Also, you should consider the type and location of the Metaverse game development company you hire. Outsourcing options are usually the most cost-effective.

What Engagement Model Do You Use?

We at Fondly Games can work under various engagement models, depending on your expectations and project specifics. For example, if you’re likely to shift requirements and strive for flexibility, we can apply Time & Material or the dedicated team model. However, the fixed price model may be more suitable if you have a predefined release date and strict budget limits.

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