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Looking for an experienced team to create a game based on robust Blockchain technology? FondlyGames will be happy to become your trustworthy Blockchain game development partner. Our game design and development experts are ready to provide you with full-cycle services and use innovative tools to meet the highest industry standards.
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What is Blockchain Game?

Blockchain has become one of the most promising technologies in many industries, including gaming. Such networks provide enhanced security and reliability due to their unique decentralized architecture. DApps (decentralized apps) solutions are best known for their use in the cryptocurrency market. However, today, gamers across the globe can benefit from these innovations as well. A Blockchain-based game enables using digital assets and tokens stored in the users’ online wallets. Thus, the players can perform an in-game crypto transaction without worrying about security and confidentiality. Fondly Games is a Blockchain game development company that follows the latest tech trends and applies top-notch solutions to ensure a smooth and satisfying gaming experience.
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Stages of Our Blockchain
Game Development

We provide full-cycle Blockchain game development services and are ready to handle all stages of this complex, multilevel process. Fondly Games is an experienced tech partner, so you won’t worry about any aspects of your game creation. We will be there for you to ensure a smooth and result-driven development process. On top of that, we guarantee constant and transparent communication, effective time management, and faultless tech support.


Initially, we discuss the requirements and expectations with you to help you estimate the project’s price, define the goals, and set the milestones for the game development process.


Next, we conduct a detailed investigation regarding the market, competitors, and the client’s business specifics. It allows us to keep consistent documentation, come up with a proper architecture for your game, and build a viable development plan.

Game Design

At this stage, our game designers draw the first sketches and provide a concept and style for your future game. They determine how the characters, landscapes, and objects will look ensuring outstanding visuals.

Game Development

Then, a Blockchain game developer comes into play. Our engineers provide visual effects and use top-rated tools to write code and build solutions tailored to your requirements.

Quality Assurance

QA specialists detect any possible errors and test the game to ensure everything works smoothly. Blockchain game validation and debugging are critical for the project’s success since they prevent issues that may become critical in the future.


Finally, the release day comes. Your Blockchain game becomes available on Google Play and App Store. Additionally, we can provide you with effective promotional services, post-release maintenance, and tech support.

Why Choose Us?

You can trust us with your Blockchain game development project regardless of genre, type, and complexity. Our skillful game designers, developers, and artists have all the required skills to make your idea come true. In addition, we are passionate about what we do – so you can rely on us for your projects.

Advanced Skills

We follow the highest industry standards and have rich expertise in Blockchain game development services. Our team has worked on numerous projects and gained impressive experience, which helps us meet our clients’ most sophisticated expectations.

Innovative Approaches

We keep up with the latest trends in game development and use advanced technologies when working on our projects. The gaming world doesn't stand still, and neither do we.

Focus on Your Requirements

The clients’ goals are our top priority. Therefore, we always ensure our deliverables match your business needs and your vision at every development stage.

Transparent Services

Transparent communication occupies a special place among our company’s values. We at Fondly Games do our best to build trusting and open relationships with our clients, which boosts the development process's effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Developers Can Join Our Project?

When estimating a project at the initial development stage, we consider multiple factors affecting the number of required specialists. To name a few, these are the scope of work, complexity, features list, game type, etc. Our company unites seasoned game designers and devs, so we complete the core team due to the project’s specifics and can expand it if necessary.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Blockchain Game?

Numerous critical factors may affect your Blockchain game development cost, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You should consider your game’s complexity, platform, required technologies, visual effects, etc. An average Blockchain game’s cost may vary from $8,000 to $60,000 or beyond. If you need to estimate your Blockchain project’s approximate price, our experts can help you out.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Blockchain Game?

Blockchain game development is a complex process consisting of multiple steps requiring quite a meticulous approach. We at Fondly Games always provide custom solutions. Thus, each project’s timeline may vary significantly. Some simple Blockchain-based games can be created in several weeks, while others require up to a year.

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