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Looking for a professional team of 3D artists for your game projects might be challenging, especially for a small indie studio. Not every expert would be completely involved in your project; some of them might have too high hourly rates. With FondlyGames, you can forget all these problems at once. We will find the top professionals on the market that fit your requirements and budget expectations. Reach out to us and find out more!
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What is 3D Game Art?

Three-dimensional game art is the process of creating visuals for your game using height, width, and depth. 3D artists work on characters, objects, vehicles, buttons, environments, and other elements you might need in your project.

3D art is quite diverse and more expensive than 2D art. Yet, creating a game like this is worth the effort. Your characters become more realistic, and the surrounding worlds are more exciting to explore. To create stunning 3D visuals, you need powerful hardware and advanced tools. However, if it's just one project, there's no need to spend extra money on new gadgets — outsourcing 3D art for games is a more convenient option.

We at FondlyGames will help you find a perfect team to help with your projects and create outstanding visuals to conquer the market.
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Our 3D Art Outsourcing Services

3D art

Our scope of services includes creating models, animations, and visual effects to make your game stand out on the market. With our visuals, you'll enhance the gaming experience and gain more potential players who'd want to try it.

3D character design

We will help you develop authentic characters with as much detail as you want. Our team creates unique and real-looking people, robots, monsters, and other creatures that would perfectly fit your game's setting.

3D environment development

Mystic dungeons, post-apocalyptic cities, abandoned factories, and magical worlds — we can create them all. Our 3D artist agency will help you make your game world more attractive and intriguing to discover.

3D sculpting

With the latest 3D sculpting tools, we reach the highest levels of detailing and can add plenty of personalized features to your characters or other objects.

3D modeling

Our team provides 3D modeling for any kind of visual you'll need in your game. We work on sketches and then add texture to your characters, vehicles, furniture, etc.

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As a 3D game art studio, FondlyGames has worked with numerous projects of all levels of complexity, genres, and art styles. This allows us to help clients with different preferences and projects. If you want to make sure we're a perfect fit, take a look at our portfolio!

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Stages of Our 3D Art Creation Process

Our 3D art company offers full-stack game visualization services. Even if you lack ideas on what your game should look like, we can provide the best ideas that would fit your game's art style and genre. Whatever project we work on, our team has a standardized workflow that optimizes most processes and facilitates timely project completion.

Project intro

We will meet with you to discuss the main requirements and details on your project. We agree on the key points, deadlines, and workflow.

Concept development

Our artists start with creating concept art and initial models for each character, object, and the whole game environment. We present these drafts to you and see if anything needs improvement.

3D art creation

Once we get the draft's approval, we start creating the visuals you'll see in the game. We use the latest tools and powerful hardware to bring the best results.

Feedback and approval

As soon as we finish, we will show you the final visuals. If there are any flaws or mishaps, we quickly edit them and approve the art.

Game visualization

Our team will help you add visuals to your game so that we can test them and see if there are any flaws or glitches.

Why Choose Us?

With over seven years of experience on the market, FondlyGames knows how to create stunning visuals and make your game stand out on the market. If you're not sure whether we match your requirements, look at some other reasons to cooperate with us!

Professional artists

Artists from our 3D game art outsourcing studio are well experienced in creating 3D game visuals. To ensure the highest quality of results, we cooperate mainly with senior and middle experts.

Business-savvy teams

Creating amazing game art for 3D titles requires sufficient market knowledge. Our teams understand the business side of this process and can make your game a worthy competitor.

100% transparency

Our 3D art outsourcing company values honesty and openness between our teams and clients. We always maintain proper communication with you to discuss project updates or any issues. With us, you'll always stay posted on what's going on with your tasks.

Customizable solutions for everyone

3D art outsourcing isn't creating copycats for every client. We create unique, custom visuals for your game to make it truly exciting for your potential players. Moreover, we can always change the concept or add new elements to our artwork to ensure 100% alignment with your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D art?

Three-dimensional art is the type of visualizing an object, character, or concept using width, height, and depth. It's a more complicated and expensive type of art, although most game studios implement it in their projects. 3D art encompasses various styles and can fit literally any game genre as it makes the objects and surroundings more life-like and filled with volume.

What steps does 3D game concept art consist of?

Concept art begins with a sketch. Usually, 3D artists use both paper and tablets to draw the initial visual elements of a character or object. Next, an artist works on making this sketch a standard image or a full render, with basic yet necessary details. Then, concept artists draw the same object from different angles, perspectives, and poses to get a full, 360-degree character view. Finally, they hand in the final concept so the art team can make relevant edits.

What are the stages of 3D art?

The key stages of creating 3D art consist of five stages: blocking, detailing, texturing, rendering, and post-processing. First off, you create rough models of future 3D objects and move on to add more depth, texture, and details to them. To make the final model look flawless, artists apply color treatment or add special filters. Proper lighting, shadows, and coloring bring sufficient depth and make your object look more realistic.

How to hire 3D artists?

You can use multiple sources and ways of hiring 3D artists. You can either hire them full-time or part-time, in-house or as freelancers. You can also outsource necessary experts to save costs and time. As for the channels where you can find the best artists, try freelance like Freelancer, Behance, or Upwork. LinkedIn can also help as it shows their experience right away. Finally, some local trusted job-seeking platforms are also a great option to try.

Why outsource 3D game art services?

3D art services allow you to get extra help with your game. It's a flexible and more affordable way to fulfill your needs in skilled specialists. Outsourcing companies help you handle the hiring process and manage your new team. Plus, it's a great option if you want to get a fresh vision of your game, whether its setting is suitable, and if your ideas would fit in it.

What are the benefits of outsourcing 3D game art?

If you outsource 3D game art, you can save time and money. Outsourced teams usually join a particular project, so you won't need to hire them full-time. Moreover, the outsourcing company you work with takes care of the hiring process, so you'll only need to wait several days to get an entire team ready.

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