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If you seek an outstanding 2D art outsourcing company to fulfill your need for high-quality game visuals, you've hit the right page! FondlyGames is an experienced team of devoted professionals with over seven years in the industry.

What makes us great partners? Full transparency, an individual approach to every project, and high standards for project quality. We can make your most creative ideas come true and ensure you'll get exactly what you want, and even better!
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What is 2D Game Art?

The 2D game art design is the process of creating two-dimensional visuals for a mobile, PC, console, or any other type of game. While the 3D visuals require depth to bring volume to the arts, you can create 2D game art using height and width. It encompasses various styles and techniques. Such a variety of options makes it popular among both famous and successful companies and small indie game studios.

You can create 2D objects, characters, environments, icons, and basically any other elements you'll need to add to your game setting and make it look the way you want. Monochromatic, low-poly, flat, cel shading, cutout, pixel, vector, and doodle arts are some of the most popular art styles used for two-dimensional games.
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2D Art Services We Provide

Character creation

Our 2D game art outsourcing company will create any kind of character with unique features you want them to have and unique characteristics to make them look memorable and cool.

Environment design

What would an excellent game be without an outstanding setting? We will create as many worlds as you want for your future game — we have worked with all levels of complexity and detail.

Concept art

If you want to develop a game but you still don't know what your characters, worlds, and other elements would look like, leave it to us. Our team will develop the most suitable and relevant art concepts based on your requirements and preferences in art style or theme.

UI/UX design

It's essential for the game not just to look stunning but also to be smooth to play. Hence, we can offer UI/UX design services to ensure every button, icon, and status bar, whatever the platform or OS is, would be in its place and not affect the gameplay quality.

2D game assets

We compile our art with dialogues, sound effects, and other kinds of assets to enhance your players' experience and make your game a worthy competitor on the market.

Pixel art

Pixel art, as one of the most popular game 2D art styles, is an eternal classic, and we can create not just characters but the entire game out of pixels. We can develop visuals using 8- and 16-bit graphics to keep the minimalistic look and simplicity of pixel art.

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FondlyGames has experience in creating game art 2D projects of different kinds of styles and levels of complexity. This, together with our custom solutions and individual approach, helped us gain a lot of loyal clients through the years who get back to us to complete more projects from time to time. If you want to see what we've already done for game development studios, take a look at our portfolio and see if we're a good fit for you!

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Stages of Our 2D Art Outsourcing

FondlyGames provides full-stack 2D game art outsourcing services to clients with different requirements and style preferences. We are ready to work with any project and will offer the top experts available at the moment. Whether it's a concept art task or character design, we have a well-structured workflow that allows us to complete every project in time and not get quality flaws. Take a look at what our 2D art creation looks like!

Getting to know your project

At this stage, we look through your requirements and business needs to complete your project in the best way. Then, we agree on the deadlines and optimize the workflow for the most efficient project completion.

Designs proposal

After we've heard everything we need to prepare the art, we show you the main concept that would perfectly fit your design preferences. Once we get feedback from you, we get to actual art creation.

Art creation

Our team gets to create the first concepts that align with your style expectations. Our 2D art company doesn't create any copycats — every piece we work on is unique and made with a personalized approach.

Art approval

Once we're done, we will show you the final work and wait for your approval. We gather detailed feedback from you and work on improving the aspects you've noticed.

Graphics implementation

Once we get an approved art version, we start visualizing the game. We use the latest technologies to integrate the final designs into your project.

Testing designs

Lastly, we need to ensure the in-game arts are flawless and don't create any functional errors or glitches. We test the UI/UX, graphics, and software before the major release.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience as a 2D art outsourcing company, our team knows how to create precisely what you envision. We ensure timely project completion and high-quality results based on your requirements and business needs. Still have any doubts? Take a look at why you should work with us!

High level of expertise

FondlyGames cooperates primarily with middle and senior 2D artists to ensure the highest quality for your projects. Plus, our teammates are well experienced with various 2D art styles in games, so we'll pick the most suitable ones for you right away.

Full project dedication

With us, you can be sure to get skilled professionals who'll only work with your project. We provide full assistance and 24/7 support for your games to ensure everything runs smoothly before, during, and after the release.

Personalized approach

In our portfolio, you won't see any similar projects as we design everything from scratch. We understand how important it is to create unique and memorable art for the game, and that's why we work hard to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Full transparency

Open communication is the key value at FondlyGames. We never charge extra or impose hidden fees. Plus, our team consistently provides feedback and updates on your project's progress so that we all stay on the same page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2D art?

Two-dimensional art is the process of creating "flat" graphics for different kinds of projects. In game development, it's creating characters, environments, objects, and other types of visual assets that you'll implement in your title. 2D artists use height and width to create visuals in cutout, pixel, low poly, cel shading, and other kinds of art styles.

What are the stages of creating 2D game art?

Usually, a 2D art company has its own set of steps and a standardized workflow to create 2D visuals for games. However, a general action plan includes ideation, creating the concept, visualizing it in the game, and testing the art before the release.

How to hire 2D game artists?

You can either search for 2D artists on various job-seeking platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, or others. You can also consider hiring a freelancer or outsourcing the team if you work on multiple projects. The best options include Upwork, Freelancer, and outsourcing platforms where you can pick the team you want and need.

Why outsource 2D art services?

2D game art outsourcing allows you to save time searching for each particular specialist and going through the hiring process. Plus, you get to save money as you don't need to hire these teams full-time — you just work with them on a specific project. It's convenient, time-savvy, and efficient for both short- and long-term projects.

Which techniques does your team use to create 2D art?

FondlyGames has worked with multiple art styles and techniques throughout our experience. Our 2D game art design specialists have worked with the most popular ones, including pixel, flat, cel shading, low poly, cutout, cartoon, monochromatic art styles, and many others.

How long does it take to create the first sketch?

It depends on the complexity of your characters, objects, and environments. Sketches are pretty fast to draw, so if your character is simple, we can finish it in less than an hour. However, the more complex the project is, the longer it will take to make first drafts. If you want a more precise answer, reach out to us, and we'll calculate the approximate time for you.

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